Two Weeks Off

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I’m taking the next two weeks off so as not to miss any bright bloom in my flower beds. Last fall, David and I planted bulbs we hoped would emerge in the spring. Every year I stare long and study them, afraid I may not see them the next. I don’t ever want their memory to fade from my mind. I can recall perfectly light snowfall on an Easter Sunday many years ago in New Mexico. Tulips of all colors dotted the white blanket beneath the sun. It intensified the colors. The snow sparked brilliant white. A gloomy sky was giving way for the blue background. The drama of the Santa Fe sky with tulips in the snow is part of my mindscape. I can see them anytime I want. Another not so distant remembrance of this time of year was given to me by my neighbor Debbie Earnest. She took the time to cut and clear thorns from several sterling roses. She created a nosegay and wrapped the stems with tiny satin ribbon and bow. The thought, the perfection of nature, and the sweet smell made me cry. Speaking of watering eyes… I have had terrible allergies lately with everything popping out there. I can’t avoid it so why not join it? I suggest you not skip out on spring either. I’m heading outside right now and make a nosegay of my own for Deb.

Sharon’s front garden pops with Knockout Roses, Crocus, Dianthus, Dhalias, Merigolds, African Daisies, Hosta Lilies, Blue Pincushions, Zinnias, Daylilies, Amaryillis, Chrysanthemums, Gerber Daisies, Petunias, and Zinnias. It may be printed in black and white. Use your imagination and visualize it in color.

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