Sam Carr

Sam Carr

Born: April 17, 1926, Friars Point, Mississippi
Died: September 21, 2009

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Delta drummer Sam Carr was the son of legendary bluesman Robert Nighthawk and began his musical career playing bass in his father’s band in the 1940’s. After moving to St. Louis in the early 1950’s, he formed his own band, Frank Frost and the Nighthawks featuring Frank Frost on vocals and guitar, Willie Foster on harmonica and Carr on bass and guitar. The group performed with Sonny Boy Williamson II until 1959 when Carr and Frost returned to Mississippi. The duo added Big Jack Johnson on guitar in 1962 with Carr moving to drums and they cut two albums. They played area jukes and house parties receiving minimal exposure until signing with Earwig Music in 19789 and releasing Rockin’ the Juke Joint Down as the Jelly Roll Kings in 1979. The group gained attention touring successfully in Europe and the Netherlands. Carr and Frost played together unit Frank Frost’s passing in the fall of 1998. Carr recorded with the Jelly Roll Kings Revisited and the CD was released in late 2004.

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