Chris Thomas King

Chris Thomas King

Born: October 14, 1964, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


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Chris Thomas King’s father, Tabby Thomas, is a locally prominent bluesman who owned a club called Tabby’s Blues Box. As a result, King, started early toward his musical future. While frequenting his father’s club he performed with the late Silas Hogan, Guitar Kelly and Clarence Edwards. By sixth grade, King was learning to play the trumpet and later traveling as a rhythm guitar player of famous musicians like Lowell Folsom and Joe Tex. As he matured in the musical setting of New Orleans area blues culture, King was encouraged to experiment and develop his own style. Like Miles Davis and Bob Dylan before him, King was originally celebrated as the young savior of an aging musical culture when he first arrived on the national scene. Branded as a rebel, King was banned from blues festivals across the United States. He fled to Denmark to cool his heels in the more liberal environment that flourished in Europe. While in Denmark he recorded and released the critically acclaimed hip-hop blues album 21st Century Blues from da Hood. Upon returning to the United States in 1995, he started his own independent production company and record label, 21st Century Blues. Soon after, he found success as a film composer and actor, winning three Grammy Awards by 2003 and several Country music CMA awards. King’s major acting debut in the Coen brothers’ film O Brother, Where Art Thou in 2001 transcended blues and gained him an international mainstream audience. Chris Thomas King has developed a singular sound and style that transcends his blues roots from his years of performing before loyal fans at packed clubs, major festivals, theaters and juke joints. King performed more than 88 sold-out concerts with the “Down from the Mountain” tour performing alongside Alison Krauss and Union Station, Emmy Lou Harris, Ralph Stanley and others. As an actor King has a role in the HBO series “Treme” and he continues to compose music for Hollywood films.

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