Lifecasting the Blues

Soulscape by Sharon McConnell Dickerson.

Keeping Delta Blues Figures Alive

Full lists of Artists

Othar Turner

Blues fife and drum legend Othar "Otha" Turner.

Othar Turner Lifecast

Sharon McConnell's lifecast of Othar Turner used to create a bronze sculpture.

T-Model Ford

Mississippi native bluesman,  T-Model is known for his raw style.

T-Model Ford Lifecast

Lifecast of James Lewis Carter "T-Model" Ford.

"Little Bill" Wallace

Mississippi Blues Trail inductee and Delta blues leader Alex "Little Bill" Wallace.

Little Bill Wallace Lifecast

Lifecast of Blues legend Little Bill Wallace just a few years before he passed away.

Dorothy Moore

Jackson, MS native and one of Malaco Records most successful artists.

Dorothy Moore Lifecast

Lifecast of Dorothy Moore, singer of "Misty Blue."

Sam Carr

One of the Delta's and the Blue's best drummers.

Sam Carr Lifecast

Legendary blues drummer and bandleader, Sam Carr. Cast in 2003 by Sharon McConnell.

Little Milton

Seasoned blues man and Stax Records artist, molded by the great Sam Philips and the delta sound.

Little Milton Lifecast

Cast of Little Milton Campbell by Sharon McConnell.

Reverend Moore

Rev. Arnold 'Gatemouth' Moore, known for his song "Did You Ever Love a Woman?" and gospel voice that earned him the monicker Reverand before becoming an ordained minister.

Reverend Moore

Reverend Moore's lifecast was made just one year before he passed away.

John Hammond

Active recording and tourist artist from the New York area. Played a great part in the revival of early blues style.

John Hammond Lifecast

Lifecast of John Hammond completed by Sharon McConnell.

Tommy Carter

Skilled musician part of groups known best for covering popular songs of the 50's, including B.B. King and Muddy Waters.

Tommy Carter Lifecast

Lifecast of William "Tommy" Carter.

Virgil Brawley

Experienced musician and part of the Juvenators from the Jackson, MS area.

Virgil Brawley Lifecast

Lifecast of MS Native Virgil Brawley.

R.L. Burnside

Robert Lee Burnside, found his fame later in life and was taught by Mississippi Fred McDowell.

R.L. Burnside Lifecast

Cast of Robert Lee Burnside.

Morris Cummings

Blind Mississippi Morris Cummings hails from Clarksdale, MS but now lives and performs in Memphis, TN.

Morris Cummings Lifecast

Lifecast of fellow blind artist, Blind Mississippi Morris Cummings.

Jessie Mae Hemphil

Famed electric guitarist and Como, MS native.

Jessie Mae Hemphil

Lifecast of Beale Street musician Jessie Mae Hemphil.

Vasti Jackson

Famous blues coverman Vasti Jackson puts huge amounts of soul into his performances.

Vasti Jackson Lifecast

Lifecast of Vasti Jackson (pronounced Vas-Tye)

Paul Wine Jones

Blues musician and manager Paul Wine Jones passed away at an early age of 59.

Paul Wine Jones Lifecast

Lifecast of Fat Possum Records artist Paul Wine Jones.

Bud Spires

One of the South's best Mississippi Sax players.

Bud Spires Lifecast

Bud Spires cast by Sharon McConnell-Dickerson.

Alvin Youngblood Hart

Grammy Award winning Artist influenced by country blues.

Alvin Youngblood Hart

Lifecast of the still young "Youngblood" Hart by Sharon McConnell.

Big Jack Johnson

Big Jack Johnson is one the Delta's most popular bluesmen still actively recording today.

Big Jack Johnson Lifecast

Big Jack cast in plaster by Sharon McConnell.