Sharon McConnell, Blind Figurative Sculptor

Sharon seated at home in front of a few works from her series of full body lifecasts.

Sharon McConnell

Artist, Speaker, Sculptor, Creative Coach, and Teacher

Walking by Faith

Sharon is a remarkable women who lives to help those who are not strong become stronger

Lifecasting the Blues

Part of Sharon's work capturing the last remaining blues legends.

Capturing the Blues

Lifecast from Sharon's work capturing Delta Blues legends.

Lifecasting the Blues

Sharon on stage with one of her favorite subjects

Sharon McConnell in her Studio

Sharon McConnell in her studio in New Mexico

Sharon McConnell Teaching

Sharon teaching a guest class at Delta State University

Santa Fe New Mexican Feature

Sharon has featured in her the "Santa Fe New Mexican" for her work casting blues legends.


Photos taken for Sharon's personal lifecast collection.


Photos from Sharon's personal lifecast collection.


“Poise” Edition of 10 – 6-1/2” W x 7” D x 14”H


Edition of 10 – 24” L x 12” w x 11” H


“Poise” Edition of 10 – 6-1/2” W x 7” D x 14”H